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Chloe Dmnd Releases New Music Video With Latest Release "Type Bitch" — Available February 1st
After much anticipation from new up and coming rapper, Chloe Dmnd is set to drop new music video. Los Angeles, CA - January 07, 2019 — Internationally known but located in Sydney, Australia, rapper-songwriter Chloe Dmnd is excited to release her latest track “Type Bitch” with an ‘unapologetic’ music video to kick start 2019. She absolutely bodied a ’Bankroll Got It’ beat with a mad flow, catchy hook and lyrics that make every female feel like a Boss Ass Bitch. We have been waiting for an Australian female rapper to level up and it looks like the rap industry has a new competitor. The music video is shot in Brisbane, Australia by Que Film Collective with Chloe Co-Directing the film. It’s bomb story line about an all female gang with Chloe being the head honcho and her accomplices; one being ultra tune model Parnia Porsche. She leads them into what looks like a robbery mission to gain money, respect and diamonds. She later finds out not everyone is loyal and has to show her crew where there loyalty should lie. This video left us wanting more and set a bar not only for visuals in Australia but also the rap game for 2019. The song is fierce and feisty it embraces true hip-hop and has a real New York feel to it. When talking to Chloe about what inspired her to write this song she explained, “I was sick of people underestimating me and playing down my talent. People were acting like my friend to my face but being a hater behind my back. I wanted to remind everyone that they do have a voice and to not be afraid to be that type of bitch because I’m that type bitch that will clap back and turn hate into hit’s”. “Type Bitch” will be available on all music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.